Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Search Crawl Time Out or Proxy Issue.

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Search crawl is not working for any web application.

This item could not be crawled because the repository did not respond within the specified timeout period. Try to crawl the repository at a later time, or increase the timeout value on the Proxy and Timeout page in search administration. You might also want to crawl this repository during off-peak usage times.


Apart from all the basic troubleshooting of checking if the site opens up using the search service account on the server or not and application pool settings and Shared Services settings, below was the resolution for me.

In Command prompt run "netsh winhttp show proxy". You should get no proxy server, something like below.

If you see there is a proxy server, which can be old or not working, we need to reset this setting.

Run the command "netsh winhttp reset proxy" to Reset the proxy and again do a Show command, you should get "No Proxy Server" screen as above.

In Order these are the steps.

1. netsh winhttp show proxy
2. netsh winhttp reset proxy
3. Net stop Osearch
4. Net start Osearch

You can also check if there are any Proxy Settings in IE Configuration.

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