Monday, August 17, 2009

Sharepoint 14 Installation [ Beta Version ]

Fresh Installation of SharePoint 2010 [ SP 14 Beta Version ]

Fortunately I got a hand on the Beta Version of SharePoint 2010 (SP14). I have included only those screenshots which are different from MOSS 2007 installation. other steps and configuration are the same as MOSS 2007 installation.

Running the Setup of Beta Version.

Pre-Requisites Check. Lot of softwares to be installed. It needs Internet connection enabled on the server.

During PSConfig, this is the new window we get related to "Passphrase Password"
Once PsConfig finishes Successfully and the Services are started, SQL Databases are created as below.

RegEdit Screenshot

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Amol Ghuge said...

Hello Parmi,

The information that is published on your blog related to sharepoint-2010 is really very good and point specific too !! Easy to understand and once can easily resolves\points out what excately is conveyed by means of particular post !! I follows your blog regularly and thanks for posting the updated sharepoint info !!

v-9amolg :-)

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