Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Claims to Windows Token Service is not starting. SharePoint 2010

While trying to Start the "Claims to Windows Token Service" we get the error in ULS Logs.

02/03/2011 19:20:50.61 w3wp.exe (0x2714) 0x20D4 SharePoint Foundation Topology 7034 Critical An attempt to start/stop instance of service Claims to Windows Token Service on server did not succeed. Re-run the action via UI or command line on the specified server. Additional information is below. Cannot start service c2wts on computer '.'. bc9bf161-6959-4d80-8410-8b676810da70

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WinTrust\Trust Providers\Software Publishing
Value = State
Radix= decimal
Change the value to '146944' to disable CRL checking.


Jon said...

I had this very problem and your solution worked perfectly. Thank you very much!

Michael said...

Absolutely perfect! This was hanging my configuration wizard on step 5 and immediately after updating the registry key the wizard completed successfully!

Many, many thanks to you!

Jose Manuel Borrero Ferreira said...

Magnifico||||| solucion perfercta

Anonymous said...

Worked perfectly, thank you. Claims to Windows Token Service would not start on a server with no internet connection (because it was trying to check CRLs presumably). Now it works. Thank you again.

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